What do existing indicators say about Poland?

The above review of existing indicators does not strive to be complete. Its goal is rather to show the ways in which different measures attempt to quantify state power. In short, based on an analysis of the indicators above, one can formulate the following conclusion for Poland: it is a country theoretically strong, but in practice relatively weak.

On a global scale, in the described indicators, Poland holds places between 16 and 291, holding a spot among the top fifth or top quarter of the most powerful countries in the world. However, on the local scale it is much worse. Poland’s closest neighbours are countries that in the same rankings find themselves in the top 10 (Germany) or even top 3 (Russia). It is with these countries, as gravitational centres of international relations in the region, that Poland should be compared to when analysing its relative strength and weakness. Compared with the power of its influential neighbours, it is a rather weak country.

  1. We do not consider the Cybersecurity Index, which has only 29 places in the ranking and allows ex aequo places.