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The Power Index is a guide to the future. It displays the necessary structure and conditions for states to succeed in a world which changes constantly, from geopolitics to the economy.

It proves that the international position is a result of the right choice of priorities and the following consequences. Presenting The Power Index, In.Europa poses the question, what is really important in the construction of the state that counts in the world and gives a sense of satisfaction to its citizens. It is the starting point for creating a strategy that goes beyond one political cycle and gives the opportunity to develop a new social consensus.

Paweł Świeboda
Deputy Head of the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)

The Power Index of In.Europa shows that due to the combined potential of its member states, a heavily integrated European Union with strong common institutions would be the world’s greatest power.

Róża Thun
Member of the European Parliament

Today’s world is changing immeasurably dynamically. Due to these changes modern states have to remain vigilant and prove situational awareness, without which it is impossible not only to build but also to maintain their international position. Such analyses as the “The Power Index 2017. Europe can be a superpower” offers an opportunity to rationally define strategic goals and to plan their implementation. This is an important reading I heartily recommend.

dr Krzysztof Liedel
Director of the Center for Research on Terrorism Collegium Civitas, previously Director of the Department of Non-military Security in the National Security Office